Government Fraud Statistics

The Civil Division of the United States Department of Justice published the annual “fraud statistics.” This publication contains information regarding reporting government fraud from October 1986 through September 30, 2018. The statistics contain qui tam and non-qui tam settlement and judgment information. Below is a look at some of the findings. Other findings will be reported in our blogs at a later date.

Qui Tam Settlements

The statistics contain qui tam, or False Claims Act cases initiated by a whistleblower, and non-qui tam, or False Claims Act cases initiated by the government.

Focusing here on qui tam only cases, or successful cases filed by a whistleblower, a total of about $2.113 billion has been recovered in 2018 so far. This is down from the peak in 2014 of $4.468 Billion.

Qui Tam Non-Intervened Settlements

Of the approximately $2.113 billion recovered from qui tam settlements in 2018, about $1.99 billion were from whistleblower cases where the government intervened, and about $118.6 million were recovered from non-intervened cases.

What does this mean? This means that if after weighing the pros and cons of filing a qui tam case, you decide to file, you should retain an experienced lawyer with a good relationship with the government.

Whistleblower Rewards

The statistics also show that as of September 2018, whistleblowers received approximately $300 million in whistleblower rewards from filing qui tam cases.

In the coming weeks, check our blog, we will break these rewards down by industry to see where the majority of the recoveries are coming from.

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