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Refer a Qui Tam Case

If you think you might have a client with a qui tam case, you can refer the qui tam case to National Whistleblower Lawyer.

Additionally, if you are a lawyer or professional and have questions related to practice under the False Claims Act, SEC Whistleblower Statute, or California Insurance Fraud Prevention Act you can also contact us. We will provide a free and confidential consultation with no strings attached.

Types of Whistleblower Cases To Refer

We offer free and confidential consultations for various types of whistleblower cases. The types of cases include:

The Case List is Not Exhaustive

We are a specialty law firm that strictly offers whistleblower services. While we do not represent clients in any other capacity, we frequently work with other lawyer teams in representing clients. For example, a law firm refers a qui tam case to National Whistleblower Lawyer. If that client also has employment retaliation claims, we work in conjunction with employment lawyers. The goal is to give the client the best representation possible.

Again, and most importantly, if you decide to refer a whistleblower case, all calls are free and all calls will remain confidential.

Use Red Phone to Refer Qui Tam Case

Contact Us to Refer a Qui Tam Case

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