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File A Complaint Under the SEC Whistleblower Act

Hundred Dollar Bills or SEC whistleblower award - hire an SEC whistleblower lawyer.

To be eligible to receive a reward under the SEC Whistleblower Statute individuals should engage an SEC whistleblower attorney. Then, this SEC
whistleblower attorney must complete a Form TCR disclosing all relevant facts and evidence of the alleged fraud and submit it to the SEC.

Qualities in an SEC Whistleblower Attorney

An SEC whistleblower attorney should have certain qualities. These qualities are different than the qualities you would look for in a False Claims Act lawyer. Explained further, the lawyers have different substantive knowledge. For example, a False Claims Act lawyer has the opportunity to litigate cases and is familiar with government fraud. On the other hand, the SEC whistleblower attorney does not litigate cases and strictly deals with securities.

Therefore you should look for the following qualities in an SEC
whistleblower lawyer:

  • experience with securities fraud cases
  • working knowledge of the securities laws
  • experience drafting complaints
  • ability to get along with clients, SEC staff, and investigators

What is an SEC Form TCR?

A Form TCR is a form that the SEC requires in order to file a “Tip, Complaint or Referral” under the SEC Whistleblower Act. More specifically the Form TCR asks for certain information which needs to be completed by the SEC whistleblower attorney. First, the Form asks for basic information like the Complainant’s name, contact information, and attorney name. Second, the Form TCR requests very specific information regarding the individual or entity the Complainant has a complaint against.

Typically, an SEC whistleblower attorney will fill out the form. If needed, the SEC whistleblower lawyer will attach additional sheets of paper to explain the facts of the fraud and theory of liability under the securities laws.

The Form TCR can be found at the SEC Website:

Image of the Form TCR:

Image of Form TCR, can be completed by an SEC whistleblower  lawyer.

As sated above, some whistleblowers seek to hire an SEC whistleblower attorney to file the Form TCR. However, if the individual seeks to remain anonymous he or she must hire an SEC whistleblower attorney. Not only can the SEC attorney file the Form TCR, but if the SEC office recovers money as a result of the tip, the SEC whistleblower lawyer can assist with the filing to claim an SEC whistleblower award.

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