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Examples of Successful Qui Tam Cases By Industry: Report Government Fraud

In all successful qui tam cases, a brave whistleblower sought to report government fraud. The government fraud statistics issued annual show that qui tam cases have recovered hundreds of millions for whistleblowers.

The first step for these whistleblowers to report government fraud was to obtain a good attorney.

In order to assist your search for a qui tam lawyer we have provided examples of successful qui tam cases by industry.

By clicking on the links below you will be able to find examples of qui tam settlements brought by savvy whistleblowers seeking to report government fraud. These cases were brought under the False Claims Acts (Federal False Claims Act and StateĀ False Claims Acts). The government fraud cases listed herein are by no means exhaustive. Please contact us for more information on how to report government fraud or for a free and confidential case review.

Government fraud is rampant. The way to report government fraud is through qui tam actions. There is also non-government fraud. This fraud can be pursued by utilizing other whistleblower programs. For example, the SEC Whistleblower Program allowswhistleblowers to report securities fraud. The Motor Vehicle Safety Whistleblower Act allows whistleblowers to report car manufacturing issues.


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