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Report Healthcare Fraud

There are many avenues to report healthcare fraud. If you know of healthcare fraud you can take action now. The actions you take can be discussed with healthcare fraud attorneys.

Report Healthcare fraud

What is Healthcare Fraud?

Healthcare fraud is a general term used to describe types of illegal conduct employed to inappropriately obtain government money. The claims for money could be submitted to Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare. Specific types of healthcare fraud include:

  • accepting or paying kickbacks in exchange for referrals
  • billing for services or products in excess for what the patient needs
  • billing for services or products not provided
  • upcoding
  • providing substandard care
  • pharmacy fraud

Report Healthcare Fraud Through the False Claims Act

The False Claims Act allows an individual who knows of fraud to file a qui tam case on behalf of the government. The individual is called a whistleblower. The whistleblower can potentially earn a financial reward if the case is successful. There are also protections the whistleblower can employ under the False Claims Act.

To report healthcare fraud you can contact a False Claims Act attorney. The attorney consultation will be free and confidential. There are pros and cons that should be examined prior to reporting healthcare fraud.

Report Fraud Through the California Fraud Prevention Act

If the fraud occurred in California and was against private insurance company, you could file a case under the California Insurance Fraud Prevention Act. Whistleblowers receive a financial reward if they file under this Act as well.

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