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False Claims Act Lawyer

An experienced False Claims Act Lawyer uses the law to provide an individual with protection and a financial reward. We understand how stressful and scary witnessing and then reporting fraud can be. That is why an experienced False Claims Act Attorney will take time to walk you through the process and assist you in evaluating your case and next steps.

False Claims Act Attorney Success

The False Claims Act is a powerful tool to combat fraud being committed against the government. In fact, the law has recovered billions of dollar to the government and taxpayers. Consequently, the False Claims Act has provided hundreds of millions of dollars to whistleblowers who report fraud.

False Claims Act attorneys have also been successful in utilizing the retaliation provisions of the law to protect whistleblowers with the courage to come forward.

False Claims Act Representation

The False Claims Act is a different both substantively and procedurally from other statutes. In sum, the False Claims Act lawyer must:

  • Investigate the case and draft a complaint
  • file the qui tam case under seal
  • produce disclosure materials
  • represent the whistleblower at a government interview
  • provide support to the government during the investigation
  • potentially litigate the case after it is out from under seal

Throughout the whole process, the False Claims Act attorney should work closely with the client and keep them informed of what is going on in the case.

Finding the Right False Claims Act Attorney


There are some things to look for when making the difficult choice of which False Claims Act lawyer you want to contact:

  • experience with whistleblower specific laws
  • works on a contingent fee basis (this means the lawyer works for free and pays for all out-of-pocket expenses, they only time the lawyer makes money or gets reimbursed is if the case is successful)
  • has spoken or lectured about the whistleblower laws (i.e., is good in front of a large group of people)
  • is hard-working and answers your requests to speak
  • False Claims Act attorney has a trust relationship with government prosecutors
  • educated or have the ability to think through difficult legal issues and theories
  • can simply “get along” with people (this skill is often overlooked, but is necessary in order to handle cases with multiple parties involved, including, the government, agencies, defendants, defense counsel, co-counsel, and most importantly you)
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